Thursday, 24 February 2011

Clyne MTB meeting

I went to another meeting for the Clyne MTB riders group last night to find out what progress had been made.

For those that don't know the group is working with Swansea City Council (and others) to promote cycling in the Clyne Valley. This includes trail building, BMX tracks and dirt jumps. There's more info at the website

There had been a delay but it looks like things are back on track now, hopefully work will begin on the revised route quite soon. The dirt jumps at Moos ( blog here ) are looking amazing.

The pump track/BMX track is a little up in the air, but progress has been made but I can't say too much until it is confirmed, but rest assured something is being done. If you want any info then call in the shop where I'm hoping to have an updated map of the routes and where everything is.

Here's a pic of Moo's to illustrate the work Dan and his mates have already done


  1. rad blog dudes, will be sure to pop in one day. cheers for the link!

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